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Jewelry, Trinkets, Wallets & More Auction - 10/22/15 - 6pm - Online & Absentee ONLY


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The safer, easier way to pay.


Welcome to Kenosha Auctions Inc!


We Are Now Mobile!

What are you looking for?

Bet you can find it at one of our auctions!

Our reputation is second to none!


We bring buyers and sellers together!

Finally, a convenient location in the Colorado Rockies to buy or sell your treasures!  
Why hassle with finding a location to sell your item, then have to show it several times, and be "negotiated" on your price? Use the auction atmosphere to move your items fast!

Family owned and operated! Fair minded with unmatched customer service for both buyers and sellers.


Too many items to move? Try our onsite estate and dispersal auctions;  Kenosha Auctions will host an auction on your site anywhere along the front range and in the state of Colorado, from Fort Collins to Pueblo to Grand Junction.  With a large client base , full online advertising, available online bidding, and a discreet, caring crew, we are the best choice for your estate or business dispersal needs.

Auctioneer. Having a charity event? We have Auctioneers available to call your sale and we can also clerk your auction for you!

Appraisals.  We are available to appraise your items based on the knowledge of thousands of sales.  In these economic times values are volatile, making current appraisals very important.

Storage unit auctions.  Buying abandoned storage lockers can be a great way to find treasures.  Join us at one of our storage unit sales for some real fun!  Remember, when you buy a storage locker there is no buyer's premium, the only form of payment accepted is cash and you must take all of the contents of the unit whether it is a bag of cash or a bag of trash!

Consignment and private treaty sales.  Many of our vehicles and RVs are sold on consignment. Use our website to sell your car, truck, trailer, ATVs., RVs, motorcycles, etc. and we will help you evaluate and sell them.



We Are A Full Service Colorado Auction Company:

  • Complete Liquidations.

  • Surplus Asset and Inventory Reductions

  • Estate Sales

  • Farm and Ranch Sales

  • Real Estate - Developed and Undeveloped

  • Appraisals

Giving To Our Community

We at Kenosha Auctions believe that helping others in need and community involvement is not only good business but a great way of life.
That's why Kenosha Auctions has set aside up to 20 lots per auction to benefit those in need.
We prefer to have local recipients but there may be some from outside our area.
If you are interested in donating items towards the charity section of our auctions please contact us.


Don't know how an auction works?

Click here to view the Auction 101 page.






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